“Connected Tower” tackled the challenge of radically decomposing the tower in order to liberate it from its current fixed typology dominated by the repetition and segmentation. Istanbul presents itself as a crucial model in this challenge, due to the increasing high-rise construction during recent years in specific parts of the city. Therefore, taking the existing architectural characteristics of the high-rise buildings and their urban implications in Istanbul, “Connected Tower” has aimed to set the tower free from its existing binary axioms – building and city, circulation and habitation, structure and skin.  The tower becomes an extreme testing ground where it can evolve from being a solitary type to a novel vertical system described with the qualities of adaptation, integration, and fluidity.

The design process has highlighted learning from the integrated nature of biological systems in order to infuse vertical systems with adaptive, multi-functional qualities. The generation of differentiated verticality is carried out by algorithmic design processes in various computation platforms. The creations in the digital world are tested and realized with digital fabrication processes involving various CNC methods, leading to the production of physical prototypes of various scales. In relation with the agenda, a series of lectures by leading academics and professionals have been organized as part of the public events of the School.

Programme Director: Elif Erdine
Host School Coordinator: Prof.Dr. Belkıs Uluoğlu
Visiting School Director: Christopher Pierce

Tutors: Elif Erdine, Alexandros Kallegias, Merate Barakat, Dağhan Çam, Müge Belek, Ahu Sökmenoğlu, Frederico Fialho Teixeira.

Students: Aydan Aslan, Oğul Can Öztunç, Özgün Yücetürk, John (Juhyung) Chung, Cesar Saldivar, Ana Osorio, Berk Ekici, Nurgül Yardım, Selin Küçük, Çağla Mutlu, Müge Halici, Yıldırım Yazganarıkan, Damla Turan, Martin Bittmann, Andreas Thoma, Sinan Azizağaoğlu, Muhammed Ali Örnek, Sevan Üncü, Karim Anwar, Omar Etman, Sherif Tarabishy, Gülcan Ay.