The employment of complex form-work for concrete structures has the potential to yield architecturally interesting and materially efficient assemblies. While it is viable to produce form-work with complex geometries via advanced digital and robotic fabrication tools, a key consideration area is the reduction of form-work waste material. The potential to incorporate this constraint in the preliminary design process as a design driver would pose advantages in waste optimization as well as production costs. The correlation of waste optimization with geometrical freedom poses an innovative design domain that is dependent on the fabrication technology.

AA Istanbul Visiting School 2018 focuses on the design and fabrication of a complex partitioning system through the integration of computational and robotic processes. The research agenda explores methods of associating architectural, spatial, and structural criteria with a material-informed holistic approach.

The digital and physical investigations are founded on Robotic Hot-Wire Cutting (RHWC) processes with an innovative approach which will inform various design options. The geometrical and physical principles of RHWC are transformed into design inputs, whereby digital and physical tests inform each other simultaneously. Correlations are set between form-work waste optimization with the geometrical freedom and constraints of hot-wire cutting via computational methods. This process is further developed by the application of GRC (Glass Reinforced Concrete) spraying on EPS form-work, which is kept inside the concrete layer. One of the key considerations in this workflow is to critically reflect on the associations between digital and robotic fabrication with analogue modes of design and fabrication in a design workflow.

AA Istanbul Visiting School is kindly supported by Fibrobeton. Fibrobeton has provided expertise on the innovative concrete spraying technologies they have devised, as well as the necessary form-work material and special GRC mix.


Programme Head: Elif Erdine

BILGI Coordinator: Şebnem Yalınay Çinici

AAVS Director: Christopher Pierce

Students: Hasan Talha Aksu, Selen Atapek, Elçin Can, Semra Defteralı, Esra Doğan, Elif Denker, Elif İkbal Er, Zeynep Tuğba Cakmak Ergin, Zehua He, Hanting Hong, Ahmet Berk Hot, Ghammaz Husnain, Yazid Hussein, Myra Kandiyoti, Çağla Kaplan, Elif Cansu Kayıkçı, Jiayun Ke, Waleejah Khan, Fulya Kılıç, Serkan Kocabay, Jiangling Liao, Şaziye Lofcalı, Zeynep Meleksoy, Ayça Özgün, Ebru Şevli, Zhe Sheng, Murat Sökün, Batuhan Uğurtan, Alana Yosun Walsh, Weiran Wu, Mehmet Yıldırım

Tutors: Aslı Aydın, Cemal Koray Bingöl, Elif Erdine, Gamze Gündüz, Alvaro Lopez Rodriguez, Milad Showkatbakhsh

Student Assistants: Yıldırım Erbaz, İlayda Keskinaslan

Photographer / Videographer: Mehmet Akif Sarı

Supported by: Fibrobeton

The research and output generated during AA Istanbul Visiting School is jointly owned by AA and Istanbul Bilgi University.